Home Groups

 If you would like to join a Home group please contact the Home Groups co-ordinator.

At Christ Church as well as attending services on Sunday we encourage everyone to be part of a small group where you can make friends, get to know others well and have the opportunity to discuss the issues that arise in everyday life and deepen your faith.

What are Home Groups and why do they need co-ordinating?

So, what are Home Groups? What are they for? What do they do? The Christ Church family is far too big for any of us to know everyone – even by name – and our Home Groups aim to help us “do” church on a more manageable scale. Typically, a group has around 10 members – some less, some a few more - which is big enough for there to be a lovely diversity of characters but small enough to get to know everybody and to make sharing life practicable. The New Testament encourages us to: love one another (John 13:34), encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11), carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), serve one another (Galatians 5:13), be kind to one another (Ephesians 4:32), forgive one another (Colossians 3:13), teach one another (Colossians 3:16), and so on, and that’s a lot more doable in a Home Group of 10 than a church of 250. Each Home Group has its own “flavour” and emphasis  but getting into the scriptures is invariably central when they meet. Groups often focus on a recent sermon, teasing out what the teaching might look like for them in their everyday lives, and preachers generally provide helpful notes to seed discussion. Then there’s praying for one another and for other people and situations beyond the group. There’s also a lot of socialising involving - by all accounts - mountains of cake and gallons of coffee! Lots of learning, encouragement and challenge, but all in an informal and supportive setting.

What happens at a typical group meeting?
Each group develops its own style and character but all groups are encouraged to include:
Welcome – time to chat, get to know each other better and catch up on news since you last met over coffee & snacks – many groups also organize an occasional ‘social’ events – to include other family members or neighbours and friends.
Word –  time to study, reflect on and discuss the Bible or follow a course that takes us deeper in our relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Witness – we have been blessed so that we can bless others and make a difference in the world. Each group is encouraged to have an outward focus – supporting a local, national or overseas charity or mission. 
Prayer -  often there will be a time to pray for one another or specific needs but prayer should permeate all of the above and be an integral part of the life of the group.

We have a number of Home Groups located in and around the area meeting at various times throughout the week. All you have to do to join is talk to us! We can put you in touch with a group leader who will be more than happy to invite you along to the next meeting.

Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Click here to see more.

Planning your Visit

A Warm Hello

The following information is specifically for those planning a visit, so that you know, beforehand, what to expect on a Sunday morning. When you arrive, you should be greeted by someone on our Welcome Team.

Our 9:00am service is traditional in style and lasts about 45 minutes.

Our main Sunday family service starts at 10:30am and runs for about 90 minutes, everyone gathers together at the beginning of the service. After a short time of worship together, we divide into different teaching and worship groups as children up to school year 8 leave. Our crèche however, is available from the beginning of the service.

At our all-age services (60 minutes), everyone stays together for the whole service. Our weekly notice-sheet gives details of all important events happening in the near future and some guidance on topics for prayer.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are served after the service where there is plenty of time to meet new people and ask more questions. We are proud to be a certified Fair Trade Church.

Our 7:00pm Sunday evening service runs for about 75 minutes and adopts a more contemporary style with a focus on deeper worship and teaching.   


What happens to the kids at church?


We have a fantastic programme for the kids at the Church:

Sunday Mornings 10.30am service:

Daring Disciples - (Babies to 8 years). Our weekly group for babies to 8 year olds (school year 3).
Passports -  (9-11 years) Our weekly ministry to encourage our older children in the experience and love of God, through story, worship, prayer, discussion, craft etc. Meets in room 5 during the service.

Children stay with their parents at the start of the service as we worship (sing songs!) together for the first part of the morning. Someone will announce when the children need to go to their programme. You will need to go with your children and register them, the first time they attend.

For more information about our provision for children please visit the children's work page.

What about accessibility?

There are parking spaces next to the church halls but for the 10:30am service a larger car park is available at Castle Newman School just a few yards along Goldington Road. We have step free access from both Denmark street and Dudley street and there is space for buggies and wheelchairs in the Hub area of the new halls. There are baby changing and accessible toilet facilities and a lift to the second floor. Our sound system incorporates a hearing loop.

Getting Connected

Small Groups

While Sundays are a great way to meet new people, it is often in smaller gatherings that you can really get to know someone. Being part of one of our small groups allows you to make new friends, share together and support each other. We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week, some afternoons and some evenings. Check out Small Groups and see if there’s one that you could join, or we can put you in touch with a small group leader who will be more than happy to invite you along to their group.

Serving and Volunteering

If you want to get involved in the life of the church and help us make Sundays run smoothly, you can sign up to serve on a team. 

Other Ministries

We also run the following ministries:

  • Men's Ministries
  • Women's Ministries
  • Students
  • Foodbank