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23rd June 2019

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Our Mission Statement: "To enable everyone to be maturing followers of Christ, who experience and live out God’s love in every part of their lives.       

Church Family News  

HRV – “Let this be our final” Gift Day

Latest update: £56,300 (incl Gift Aid) has been given up to last Thursday (20th June). If you have yet to give, and are able to do so, please arrange to donate ASAP: 

To make a one-off gift, please ideally use this special HRV account:

Christ Church PCC Bedford / 40-52-40 / 00024581 / Ref: HRV [your surname]

How is this money still required? We have £22,000 pledged to come in over the next 3 years. We have interest-free loans to cover cash shortfall in the meantime, but we now need a final £13,700 to cover the difference between those pledges and cash required to pay back those loans.

Our other notices and activities

Men's Breakfast - Saturday 29th June 9-10.30am. Venue: Christ Church. What’s our topic? Christianity, Politics and Culture (is Christianity being eroded around us?) aka Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality. What’s the food? Cereal, orange juice, bacon & egg bap, toast & jam plus coffee/tea Cost: £3.00

Upcoming Events

Summer Family Fun

Ladies late Breakfast July




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