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14th July 2019


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Our Mission Statement: "To enable everyone to be maturing followers of Christ, who experience and live out God’s love in every part of their lives.    

       Church Family News  

PCC news from July meeting

Children’s Minister – replacing Becky: We approved a draft job description, but had to put any recruitment on hold as the church general account is running in deficit.

Church general account: delighted by the generosity of God’s people towards our final Halls amount, we have seen few new donors so our deficit continues. Becky’s resignation has offered some slack but a recruitment freeze continues as PCC look to increase donors through July/August. Can you set up a Standing Order for £30/month (just a £1 a day to help cover our church’s running costs?). 40-52-40 / 00020562 / Christ Church PCC

Children and Holy Communion: we agreed to explore the option of baptised children aged 7+ receiving Communion before confirmation, and our new sermon series assists us.

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