Improve your prayer life


• Establish a regular prayer slot.

• Use the Christ Church (and / or another) prayer diary.

• Create your own prayer diary.

• Turn bible reading into prayer (having been reminded of God’s will and ways, pray for his will to be done).

• “Lord, what are you doing / wanting to do here? Can I help?”

• Build your adoration and / or thanksgiving.

• Talk with God first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, and / or last thing before going to sleep.

• Experiment with triggered prayer (e.g. Tim when I see an X5)

• Keep track of answers to pray. Thank God, be encouraged.

• If you think of someone, pray for them.

• Try prayer walks.

• Try praying out loud.

• Write out your prayers.

• Give God each (major) task prayerfully as you start it (and do it).

• Try conversational prayer, chatting with God about what you are doing as you do it: your hopes, challenges, joys etc

• Pray with others.

• Take on a prayer project e.g. pray in the money for our halls redevelopment; pray for one of our young people during their university course; pray for someone going through a particular challenge just now.

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