Richard's Extended Study Leave Reflections

In the Autumn of 2017, Richard took a period of Extended Study Leave. During this time he went to visit Christ Church's key Mission Partners to learn more about the work they are doing and encourage them in their service.

To read Richard's extended study leave reflections, please click here

To read the reduced length version of Richard's extended study leave reflections, please click here

Hilary and Marc Deneufchâtel

Working in Benin, West Africa. They have three children, Simon, Benjamin and Eve. Their ministry is to serve the Monkole people through Bible translation and church development. Hilary's main role in Benin is to work in a team translating the Bible into the local language. Marc homeschools their children and is involved in teaching and training in local churches. 

Read more on Hilary’s blog 

YP & Jude Gayet

Currently working with Jeunesse et Vie (Young Life Belgium). This is a Christian Evangelical organisation focused on evangelising unchurched young people.  


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