Weirdest book in the Bible

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What is it about the weirdest book in the Bible that seems to make it the most appropriate for today’s world?

It touches on the very desires and aspirations of people everywhere, and yet is rarely if ever read by anyone, let alone church members!

It’s Ecclesiastes. It’s what, you may think?

Ecclesiastes, thought to be written by wonderfully wise and fabulously rich King Solomon, is Solomon’s analysis of life, from the man who had everything and more wives (and concubines) than should ever be appropriate.

He tried every enterprise and every pleasure known to man to test out the meaning and purpose of life, and discovered:

  • The futility of wisdom (1:12-18)
  • The futility of pleasure (2:1-11)
  • The futility of work (2:17-26)
  • The futility of political power (4:13-16)
  • The futility of wealth (5:8-6:9)

All of those areas of life are the desires and aspirations of so many everyday people. How can I be wise? What can I get most enjoyment from? What can give me daily meaning in the daily grind? What power can I wield? How can I can wealthy with all that that offers?

Solomon explored all these, and though we have a lot more technology and computer power today, it’s not that much different to 3000 years ago.

Solomon did find the beginning of answers: he found it in companionship, in worship of one greater than himself (God, of course), and in being generous and diligent in all his doing so as to bless others.

There’s something deeply profound about these answers on how we can live. Go on, give Ecclesiastes a read and see how the wonderfully wise and fabulously rich Solomon finally answered his own question.

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