If only I could live my life again

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Regrets, I have none. I think that's a sign of foolishness. I can't quite believe that the person who says such feels no sadness or sorrow for some action, some word, some thought.

You'd have to be remarkably thick-skinned or far too proud to admit any fault. Mostly, I find in conversation that people wish they could wind back the film of their life sometimes, but that's not possible either. We have one life and then we stand before the judgement seat of our heavenly Father, who will judge us righteously and fairly, and thankfully with love and mercy too.

IN the meantime, we might like to let this old song inspire us to review our lives and pledge to live a little better and a little bit wiser:


If only I could live my life again

I wouldn't search for wealth or fame or power

I'd search for friends and if I found a few

I'd serve them well my every waking hour

Oh, to live my life again


If only I could have another chance

I'd spend more time just being nice to people

My soul would find that building with a steeple

If only I could live my life again


If only I could live my life again

I wouldn't take so many things for granted

I wouldn't make the same mistakes again

And I'd destroy each bitter seed I planted

Oh, to live my life again


I'd try to change, to smile a little more

I'd try to change, to always be forgiving

I'd change my ways for as long as I am living

One thing remains in everything I do

I'd never change my endless love for you


Written by: Amade / Delanoë / Bécaud / Leigton) Dalida (France)

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