The Immensity of God's grace

The Immensity of God’s Grace

2 hours we were offered, 2 hours of drama, music, heights and depths, 2 hours of reaching for the tissues, 2 hours of rollercoaster emotions.

And now 6 ½ hours, spread out over 6 weeks: less music, less emotion, but a richer palate of people and characters, of the writer as artist adding layer upon layer of meaning and depth to scene after scene and episode after episode.

Yes, it's Lent and I'm looking to Les Misérables, and the recent BBC adaptation.

That 6 ½ hours offers us a new and fuller take on the 150-year-old captivating story of grace. Grace, that little word, reminds us that we are self-insufficient. We need others. In the end, our salvation has to come from outside ourselves. Salvation is a gift, a gift of free grace.

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